New advanced Java logging tool SmartInspect 3.2


Industry news: New advanced Java logging tool SmartInspect 3.2

  1. Hello, We are happy to announce the release of [url=]SmartInspect[/url] 3.2, a new version of our advanced [url=].NET logging[/url], [url=]Java logging[/url] and Delphi logging tool. Besides adding often requested features to the Console and logging libraries, we made some major changes to the SmartInspect Console in how it loads and processes log files, reducing the memory usage during log file loading drastically and making it faster in general. We've also upgraded the Console to make use of the latest development tools and third-party components available, integrating it better with Windows Vista and preparing it for Windows 7. To learn more about SmartInspect, please [url=]visit our website[/url]. What's New Please see below for a list of the main features and improvements of the new version. Please see our announcement forum for a complete list of changes: - New: Connection variables for automatically replacing variables in a connection string - New: Width format option for text protocol pattern string - New: Custom timestamp format for text protocol pattern string (platform-specific) - New: Exception.StackTrace support for LogException (Delphi only) - New: Support for protocol objects in addition to raw streams in the Dispatch method of the memory protocol - New: ‘View | Create View’ Console feature for quickly opening new filtered views - New: Console command line parameter /configdir and /pipename - New: Internal string pooling which drastically reduces the overall memory consumption of the Console - Improved: Log file loading performance increased and reduced memory consumption - Improved: Bookmarks in the Console now indicate whether they are already in use - Improved: Better view performance when displaying large Log Entry titles - Improved: Increased performance of title and data viewers Getting the New Version Customers can download the new version from our customer portal [url=]My[/url]. The updated trial version can be downloaded [url=]from our website[/url]. If you have any questions about this release or SmartInspect in general, please contact me. Kind regards, Dennis Gurock -- Gurock Software Co-Founder [url][/url]
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    A new logging tool ?