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News: Instantiations Releases WindowBuilder Pro v7.0

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    Instantiations released WindowBuilder Pro 7.0 at EclipseCon this week, where the product was awarded “Best Commercial Eclipse-Based Developer Tool” by the Eclipse Foundation at an award ceremony Monday night, March 23 ( "It has been impressive to see the continued growth and popularity of WindowBuilder Pro," said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. "Instantiations continues to deliver high quality, innovative tools for the Eclipse platform that help developers utilize Eclipse more effectively, and we're pleased with their continued support of Eclipse." WindowBuilder Pro is a market-leading bi-directional Eclipse GUI builder which seamlessly integrates into any Eclipse-based Java development environment. With its drag-and-drop functionality, developers can easily add many components and create complicated windows in minutes, with Java code being generated automatically. The product includes a visual design editor, wizards, intelligent layout assistants, localization and more. WindowBuilder Pro component products include Swing Designer™, SWT Designer™, and GWT Designer™. New in WindowBuilder Pro v7.0: * UI Factories — Create an unlimited number of customized widgets that are available from the palette. * Improved Parsing Using Binary Execution Flow — Even better at parsing handwritten and hand-re-factored code. * Customization API — provides a much more extensible platform that allows third parties and OEMs to integrate more easily. * Nebula Widgets Integration (SWT) — handy integration for the Eclipse Nebula widget kit * Swing Data Binding, JSR 295 (Swing) — Create associations between widgets and a back-end data source. * GWT-Ext Support (GWT) — Full support for the popular GWT-Ext widgets and layouts. "We are thrilled with the Eclipse Foundation's recognition of WindowBuilder Pro as the best commercial Eclipse-based developer tool," said Eric Clayberg, Instantiations senior vice-president of product development, co-founder of Instantiations and co-author of Eclipse Plug-ins. "We are extremely committed to innovating and evolving the product to exceed the expectations of our thousands of loyal customers. WindowBuilder Pro is an incredibly flexible and feature rich development tool that showcases the depth and power of the Eclipse platform." For more information on availability and pricing, see the press release at or the corresponding product page at

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    Looks like it is still in beta stage (RC2) as of now. Even the download link for 7.0.0 points to the continuous integration build.