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    I was kind of looking for a tool for a my qa who always have the difficulty in testing webservices, just because it does not have an UI and they have difficulty running the imagination to create scenarios. How this tool benefited me was that I can design my own UI and connect it to my webservice without much of pain. The most interesting part is I have an in house .net webservice and also need to connect to PHP and Java external webservices, to my surprise all works (Which is awesome, but would like some more information if you guys happen to use it). I writing this because I would like to know if it’s worth while spending some money ($40 per user/per month) in getting this tool for my QA (I would be spending $400 a month for 5 months). The actual site is www.perfectforms.com and try the documents to integrate the webserivices. I would appreciate anyone’s feedback.

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    This tool has a free version also, i am not sure if they block anywhere. I also found out that i need to pay only if i need to use the connection agent which is to connect to my internal/remote database. I dont need to pay a penny to test my application and which is cool.