Background For users of report, efficiency is very important. However, sometimes users have to do some simple operation time and again. For example, there are a lot of data on a web page when making a row input report. Users may want to delete the data of 28 rows. If they have to click the “Delete” button every time when they delete a row, the page will be refreshed 28 times. That’s very inefficiency. Then, how to solve it? Solution RAQ Report is a pure Web-based Java reporting tool. As it is a professional Web reporting tool, RAQ Report can help users to achieve batch selection and deletion in a row input easily. Operation With RAQ Report, you only need 4 steps. Step 1: Design a report. Step 2: In the jsp file, add batch deletion javascript as follows: function deleteRows(){ var report = document.getElementById(’report1′); for(var i=report.rows.length-2;i>0;i–){ var row = report.rows[i]; if(!row.all.tags(”input”)[0].checked) continue; var cell = row.cells[1]; report.currCell = cell; _deleteRow(report); } } Step 3: In the jsp file, add checkbox javascript as follows: function selcheck() { var objs = report1.getElementsByTagName(”input”); for(var i=0; i<objs.length; i++)="" {="" if(objs[i].type.tolowercase()="=" “checkbox”="" )="" objs[i].checked="event.srcElement.checked;" }="" step="" 4:="" in="" the="" jsp="" file,="" add="" operating="" button="" javascript="" as="" follows:="" <table="">
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