Hello, I'm newbie here. I've been figuring out how to workaround a big problem that I'm facing. The scenario is as describes below: -My customer have some user-roles(and more) data in a LDAP Directory (OpenLDAP), that user-roles are replicated in an other DataBase (Apparently Oracle 10.2), why this have this structure is a costumer bussines reason. -What we need to do is a way to mantain that user-roles data synchronized, that mean when a LDAP administrator update privileges on OpenLDAP, that changes would have inmediatly updated in Oracle database too. We're using spring, and we're thinking in use some kind of scheduled task that compare the data periodically, but that is our dirty-last-option. We thought in aspect-oriented solution but the application is wider than the modules I'm working on. I'm tryied to figure out if LDAO support some kind of triggers or a fire event mechanism, but haven't found something like that. I hope someone around here have the experience enough to help me with this. Thanks