ZK Spreadsheet enables Ajax applications to deliver the rich functionality of ExcelR to browsers in pure Java. With embeddable Excel functionality in pure Java, developers can create collaborative and dynamic enterprise applications like never before. ZK Spreadsheet 1.0 RC supports MicroSoft Excel, developers can import existing Excel files to ZK Spreadsheet with ease. Moreover, most Excel functions are supported, user can the same experience with Excel, including 225+ Excel formula functions, fabulous styling, selection, highlighting, merging-cell, freezing row and column, undo/redo support. It is compatible with IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and no plugin or ActiveX is required for users. Most important of all, it supports Mobile Safari, Opera Mobile, user can access the Spreadsheet applicaiton with ease. ZK Spreadsheet 1.0 RC will be available in the near future. For more information, please visit ZKOSS. Explore the Live Demo