Position Title: Sr. Software Developer - Browser-Based RIA Development (JavaScript, RIA, XHTML/CSS/DOM) Type of Position: Full-time or Contract-to-hire Travel Required: None Location: World-wide - Telecommute / Work From Home (WFH) Responsibilities The Sr. Software Developer will be responsible for the development of the WordStream Search Engine Optimization (SEO) products. Our software suite is designed primarily using Python on the backend and using a browser-based RIA as a frontend. Typical day-to-day responsibilities will include the development of large-scale cross-platform, cross-browser compatible Javascript-based Rich Internet Applications which run in web browsers. Examples of applications could be: development of a spell checking plug-ins for browser-based rich text editors; or development and integration of browser-based SEO tools into various Content Management Systems (CMS). Your work will use Javascript and JSON to remotely interact with Web Services on our server. Depending on your level of competency, you may also be responsible for writing data processing code on the Python backend servers. The Sr. Software Developer will be responsible for the applications for the duration of the full product lifecycle, ranging from initial design through application deployment and support. Qualifications The candidate must have top-notch software development skills, and a strong background in software algorithms. Only candidates with prior experience in developing AJAX-based applications will be considered. Please note that we are seeking people with an amount of significant experience in writing large-scale applications directly in JavaScript; those with experience limited to "server-driven AJAX libraries" such as Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX will not be considered. As this is a telecommute/work from home position, candidates must be self-motivated and have excellent time management skills. Please note, only candidates with a bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering, or, a very substantial amount of related technical coursework and work experience in a related field will be considered. Prior experience in building or extending: browser-based spell-checkers; regular expression parsers; search engines; Web-based content management systems (CMS) or Web Publishing Platforms, such as Blogs or Wikis, is a big plus. Required Skills: JavaScript, XHTML/CSS/DOM, JSON, cross-platform/cross-browser application development Bonus Skills: FCKEditor/TinyMCE Plugin Development, cross-platform JS toolkits (jQuery, Mootools, Mochikit), Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, .NET Nuke, Alfresco, Open-Source software development, PHP, Python, Postgres SQL, SQLite, Git, ORM, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Linux. Required Experience: 2+ years (must be related to AJAX RIA development) Required Education: Bachelor's Degree How To Apply To apply for the Senior Software Developer position, send a resume and cover letter to jobs at WordStream dot com. About WordStream: WordStream is a venture-backed startup engaged in providing search engine marketing software solutions for PPC management, PPC marketing and Inbound Marketing. Our patented, innovative software-as-a-service applications automate the manual, repetitive work involved in search engine optimization, saving time and enabling customers to improve ROI on search marketing objectives in a consistent and repeatable manner. Our Keyword Management Solutions & Keyword Tools provide a scalable, private, online keyword workbench for Keyword Discovery & Negative Keywords, Keyword Research & Keyword Analytics, Keyword Grouping & Keyword Organization, PPC Tools, AdWords Tool & SEO Tool Workflows. Our product features a Keyword Generator, Landing Page Optimization platform, a Meta Keywords Tool, Keyword Research Tool,Web Analytics, Long Tail Keywords Tools, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Analyzer to improve Click-Through-Rates & Cost-Per-Action. For more information, go to Wordstream - Keyword Management Solutions.