Code Quality - Learn, Measure and Organize Awareness


News: Code Quality - Learn, Measure and Organize Awareness

  1. The second part discuss about the learning the fundamentals like OOPs concepts and Design Patterns, writing the clean code and how to approach to remove the bad smells from the code. The third part discuss about the different static code analysis tools as code quality measurement tools. The fourth part discuss about how to organize the quality awareness with in the team.

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    You forgot the SOLID principles. I believe that, when code quality is in question, they come before OOD, OOP or design patterns. If one follows the SOLID principles, then OOP and design patterns will be implemented almost automatically.
  3. JHawk - Java Code Metrics[ Go to top ]

    In your list of tools you don't mention JHawk - a Java static code analyser that covers a much wider range of code metrics than the open source metrics tool. You can find out more at and can download a demo version at Virtual Machinery also have a number of whitepapers on Java code metrics at and at