Background For web input report, users often need input data at the client-side. Then, if a prompt message box will appear when users submit input data to confirm submit success, it will be very convenient. Sometimes, users have to customize prompt message box according to real requirement. Then, how to achieve it? Solution RAQ Report is a professional Web-based reporting tool pays a lot of attention to users' requirement. Therefore, users can solve all the common problems in web report easily with RAQ Report. Such as radio button for single choice or multiple choices, drop-down list, automation computation, automation running number, data validity check, and batch operations, etc. For this problem, RAQ Report provides a wonderful solution. Therefore, you can easily customize prompt box with RAQ Report. As it is a pure Java reporting tool,you only need to write a JSP file. For example, if users want to add "cancel" in the prompt message box, they just need to set “cancel” as the value of promptAfterSave. The JSPs file is as follows: function firm() { // Use the return value of prompt box(true or false) if(confirm(“NeedSave”)) { //If true is selected, call _submitTable( report1 ) _submitTable( report1 ); return true; } else { // Or else cancel it; //alert(“If false is selected, false will be returned”); return false; } } This post is from freezea's blog. You are welcomed cc it anywhere, and please indicate the source. If you would like to read more articles about reporting tool, you are also welcome to refer to my blog.