Apache Geronimo - OSGi EEG RFC 124 support?


News: Apache Geronimo - OSGi EEG RFC 124 support?

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    Support appears to be growing in the Geronimo community for an OSGi EEG RFC 124 "A Component Model for OSGi" implementation. From the postings on the Geronimo community it looks as if the goal is for it to be implemented alongside the current J2EE support Geronimo is known for. Pretty leading edge stuff. Would the Java community consider this as valuable as I would? http://www.nabble.com/-OSGi--Support-for-RFC-124--td22558725i20.html

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    If you put it like that, I doubt you'll see much interest because not many people know that RFC 124 is the specification that essentially standardises Spring within OSGi. So I think that Geronimo implementing RFC 124 essentially means they will build an alternative (but compatible) implementation of the core of the Spring Framework.
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    I skimmed RFC 124 and it looks like Spring context xml with an OSGI namespace. What's the point? If I have to use Spring, is this OSGI xml a substitute for Spring's or would I have to have 2 equivalent xml files. Can't I just use Peaberry and ignore RFC 124 and Spring?