Iam using jboss4.2.3 with eclipse3.4.1 on windowsXP, java version "1.6.0_12" SetEmail method does not invoke before adding address it invoked then it did not invoke setEmail(). Has anyone faced this issue, please let me know how to solve it iam having register.html used by user to fill form. USER REGISTRATION
* Required Fields First Name*
Last Name*

We have Formbean.java to process data package RegFormData; /* This code is modified by manju on 25/3/2009. This is a farmer registration form*/ // optimize hashtable entry import java.util.Hashtable; public class FormBean { private String str_far_firstName; // first name of Farmer private String str_far_lastName; // last Name of Farmer private String str_far_email; // Email of Farmer private String str_far_address; private Hashtable errors; public boolean validate() { boolean allOk=true; if (str_far_firstName.equals("")) { //check first Name if it is empty request to enter errors.put("firstName","Please enter your first name"); str_far_firstName=""; allOk=false; } if (str_far_lastName.equals("")) { //check last Name if it is empty request to enter errors.put("lastName","Please enter your last name"); str_far_lastName=""; allOk=false; } // Check whether the str_far_Email entered is valid if (str_far_email.equals("") || (str_far_email.indexOf('@') == -1)) { errors.put("str_far_email","Please enter a valid email address"); str_far_email=""; allOk=false; } if(str_far_address.equals("")){ errors.put("str_far_address","Please enter a valid Address"); str_far_address=""; allOk=false; } return allOk; } public String getErrorMsg(String s) { String errorMsg =(String)errors.get(s.trim()); return (errorMsg == null) ? "":errorMsg; } public FormBean() { str_far_firstName=""; str_far_lastName=""; str_far_email = ""; str_far_address=""; errors = new Hashtable(); } public String getFirstName() { return str_far_firstName; } public String getLastName() { return str_far_lastName; } public String getEmail(){ System.out.printf("get method of Email"); return str_far_email ; } public String getAddress(){ System.out.printf("get method of Address"); return str_far_address; } public void setFirstName(String fname) { // Assign first name of farmer to str_far_firstName variable to save in //mysql database str_far_firstName =fname; } public void setLastName(String lname) { // Assign user input last name to variable str_far_lastName str_far_lastName =lname; } public void setEmail(String mail) { // Assign user input mail id to variable str_far_email System.out.printf("set method Email"); str_far_email =mail; } public void setAddress(String address){ System.out.println("Set Address method invoked"); str_far_address=address; } public void setErrors(String key, String msg) { //This code not required errors.put(key,msg); } } If userdata is correct i get success.jsp USER REGISTRATION SUCCESSFUL! First Name
Last Name


If userdata is not right i get retry.jsp USER REGISTRATION
* Required Fields First Name*

<%=formHandler.getErrorMsg("firstName")%> Last Name*

<%=formHandler.getErrorMsg("lastName")%> Email*
<%=formHandler.getErrorMsg("str_far_email")%> Address*