Intro AnyDbTest (one DB unit testing tool) to Java community


Industry news: Intro AnyDbTest (one DB unit testing tool) to Java community

  1. I am glad to share one database unit testing tool. It is named as AnyDbTest ( After expanding its functionality in previous releases, AnyDbTest 2.1 brings a wide-ranging set of improvements. AnyDbTest Express edition is free of charge. I know some guys are using DbUnit or other xUnit test framework to perform DB unit testing. I also tried to use them in my projects, but at last I had to give up these tools because I must keep focus on the database rather than switch to be as application developer. AnyDbTest is declarative style testing tool. We will not need to program at all. What we do is to express what we want to test, rather than how to test. We only need to configure an Xml test file to tell AnyDbTest what we want to test. Rather than painstakingly writing test code for xUnit test framework. So AnyDbTest is the right choice for DBA or DB developers. AnyDbTest also offers a visual dashboard. Success or failure of test is automatically computed and presented to us via an easy-to-understand red/green light display. Features specific to AnyDbTest: *Writing test case with Xml, rather than Java/C++/C#/VB test case code. *Many kinds of assertion supported, such as StrictEqual, SetEqual, IsSupersetOf, Overlaps, and RecordCountEqual etc. *Allows using Excel spreadsheet/Xml as the source of the data for the tests. *Supports Sandbox test model, if test will be done in sandbox, all database operations will be rolled back meaning any changes will be undone. *Unique cross-different-type-database testing, which means target and reference result set can come from two databases, even one is SQL Server, another is Oracle.

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    good.I`ll try it later.
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    hi Db UnitTest, i need some info on anydbtest, as u have already used anydbtest can u please answer some of my queries.. 1) is it useful to assert procdures returning cursor as the out parameter in oracle 2) is der asserts available to compare no of rows or partial data, or to check if the result returned is not null. all the above asserts are need for testing procedure in oracle.