Sonar is an open source platform to manage code quality. The version 1.8 of the product was released last week. Amongst numerous improvements and bug fixes, it brings two new major functionality that were announced in screenshots today. Hotspot service This service enables at any level (project, module or package) to display the classes that have the most... and the less... The service covers all metrics (duplication, code coverage, complexity...). Moreover, a new metric is introduced that compounds code coverage and complexity of the class. Its objective is to highlight the classes to work on to quickly increase code coverage. FindBugs configuration This adds import and export on FindBugs configuration as it is already the case for Checkstyle and PMD. The plugin forge is up and running One of the key feature of the new version is the launch of Sonar plugins forge. Extensibility is a key aspect for an open source tool to get massive adoption. Therefore Sonar was built on a very light core that consists mainly in an extension mechanism. Everything else in Sonar is a plugin. However, having such a mechanism in place is only one step amongst four to reach extensibility and leverage this capability : • An easy to use API • A forge • An active community • A "Getting started" documentation with examples The basis is now solid for all four points enabling anyone to contribute to the plugins ecosystem and extend the functionality. The existing plugins enable already to extend the product to PL/SQL language. More details on the forge is available in this article. For more information, you check the web site or see Sonar in action.