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  1. have a servlet where a user question is passed to the servlet as parameter. In simplified format, if the user question is "my tv doesn't work" the call to the servlet will be made like this https://server/a/b/servletname.serv?param1=74&entry=my%20tv%20doesn%27t%20work This does not work and gives 403 error code. The same servlet works fine in development environment where I use http instead of https. I know the problem is becuase of the single quote in the user question as there is no problem if I remove the single quote and ask a question like ' my tv does not work'. I see that on the web site, the URL encoding is done and so %27 is passed to my servlet instead of the single quote ('). I am trying to understand how to resolve this issue. I have done enough google and most of the places it was advised to use URLEncoding. That is fine as we are using the same. Now, the issue is why in https, even url encoded single quotes are not workig as part of the query string. ( I did see that the similar issue does not happen if instead of GET, POST is used.) Please advise. Neal
  2. Please ignore the above query[ Go to top ]

    Please ignore the above question.It was due to a configuration in webserver which was not allowing special chracters in the query parameter. Neal