Background For web input report, users often need to input data at the client-side. Then, the function of validity check is very important. For example, it needs to check if the input data is number or the input type is right. How to implement validity check? Solution As a professional Java reporting tool, RAQ Report always tries best to make users convenient. To implement validity check, RAQ Report provides two ways. 1. Setting input data type of cell. By this, validity check can be realized automatically if data type is set as data value or E-mail. With RAQ Report, users can set the input data type of cell easily in the General tab. 2. Writing validity check expression for a cell. Input validity check expression, and realize validity check manually. For example, input the validity check expression “${C5}>=0 && ${C5}<=100” into the cell to ensure that the data value is between 1 and 100. Users of RAQ Report can write validity check expression for a cell in the Validation tab. However, if the input value is null, how to prompt users to input data? You can write JavaScript code in JSP to solve this problem.The JavaScript code in JSP is as follows: function check(){ var checkWord=document.getElementById(’report1_A1’); for(var i=0;imy blog.