Summary: Flux 2.2 now supports Informix Cloudscape database and provides more flexibility in scheduling jobs.

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April 2, 2001 -- Billings, Montana -- Sims Computing today released Flux, the Enterprise Job Scheduler, version 2.2. Flux 2.2 now supports Informix Cloudscape 3.6 and also includes additional user-requested functionality.

"We are proud to announce support for Informix Cloudscape database," says David Sims, President of Sims Computing. "Integration with major technology allies is imperative for the success of enterprise scheduling and enterprise applications as a whole."

Flux 2.2 is a Java software component that performs sophisticated job scheduling and job queuing for Java [TM] and Java 2 Enterprise Edition [TM] (J2EE) applications. Job scheduling is concerned with executing the correct task, on the correct day, and at the correct time. When deployed as a server-side component, Flux naturally integrates with
J2EE applications. Flux 2.2 also includes queuing, calability,holiday calendars, and an audit trail. Flux is application server and database independent.


Optionally, Flux integrates tightly with J2EE applications, including Enterprise JavaBeans and JMS messages. Flux is application server and database independent. Flux has been tested against Sybase EAServer, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Orion, and Allaire JRun application servers in addition to Sybase ASE and ASA, Informix Cloudscape, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft, and Hypersonic SQL databases.

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Flux 2.2 is available through the Sims Computing web site at The Flux 2.2 upgrade is available free to customers with a Sims Computing maintenance contract. For additional information, contact info at simscomputing dot com or call (406) 656-7398.


Sims Computing, Inc., founded in 1997, develops enterprise software components, provides training on enterprise technology, and offers mentoring services to companies developing enterprise applications. Sims Computing introduced Flux, the Enterprise Job Scheduler, in September 2000. Today, Flux supplies scheduling solutions for companies within many industries including; financial,
insurance, telecommunications, electronics, manufacturing, B2B software solutions, customer relationship management (CRM), and health care throughout four continents. For more information, visit


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