Compilation error while compiling JSP with Struts 2


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  1. Hi, i'm new to struts 2 and getting below error HelloWorld.jsp:2:5: No tag library could be found with this URI. Possible causes could be that the URI is incorrect, or that there were errors during parsing of the .tld file. I'm using weblogic 9.2 any clue??? Thanks in advance
  2. I am not an expert but i always "import" the struts tags as (for example the logic tags): <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="logic"%> or <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-logic.tld" prefix="logic"%> given you have the struts-logic.tld in your /WebRoot/WEB-INF/
  3. Thanks... But i have a doubt. In struts 2 we give the URI as below so it seems to be different from the way it is provided in struts 1.Is it that we don't need the tlds in struts 2?
  4. Uops.. i posted it as it was struts 1 issue. AFAIK the tag library is stored at "struts2-core.jar / META-INF / struts-tags.tld". We need the tlds but these are packed in a jar file instead of being in /WEB-INF/ folder. You can try to extract the struts-tags.tld and copy it to /WEB-INF/ changing the taglib to: If doing it works check your server in WEB-INF/lib to see if you have the struts2-core.jar
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