NeuralBuid Version 2.2 Released


News: NeuralBuid Version 2.2 Released

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    Version 2.2 of NeuralBuild is now available for download. NeuralBuild version 2.2 generates Java, PHP and C# code. NeuralBuild also reverse-engineers databases from a variety of relational database systems.(MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, DB2 and Postgres) Version 2.2 of NeuralBuild adds database "paging" for generated Java code. See : NeuralLimits for more details.
  2. The article and the web site miss a simple description of what the product is for (it only states that "also reverse-engineers databases..."). Can you please summarize it in a few words? Thanks, Raffaele
  3. Supposedly, it generates database access code for you, producing Java, C# or PHP. I was not able to get it to work (see my comment below). Did you think to click on their website link? It's pretty obvious from their front page...
  4. Wow. This has to be the LEAST ready-for-prime-time software I've ever seen advertised for sale. I tried it out -- and got numerous exception messages when doing things like closing windows. Wow. That sure looks thoroughly tested to me! Then it would connect to my Oracle database, but could not find any tables. There is a "Help" menu, but all its entries (except the 'About' item) are grayed out. Yup, no help. Finally, the PDF of the "manual" just gives screenshots and the most hand-waving gloss on what it does. TSS -- it's nice that you provide this service, but could you possibly *check* at least some of these products before you put them up? You've got a large userbase, how about asking for people to try something out, say once every six months, to see if it passes the most basic usability and functionality tests. This wouldn't be an onerous duty on the part of your readers, and would save your staff from having to do it.