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  1. NextReports reporting tool has reached version 2.2. There is support for stored procedures calls. So if you have a stored procedure which returns a data cursor, you can create a report from it. Not every procedure is considered a candidate for reporting. For more information see the manual. Html accessiblity properties (scope, id, headers) are now supported to be recognized by screen readers. Queries and reports can now be organized in folders. Drag&Drop support was extended. Besides dragging tables and views to the designer, the user can now drag folders, queries, and reports in other folders, and he can also drag procedures (which are eligible for reporting) to the sql query editor. Full list of features can be seen here. We look for your suggestions and encountered problems to the forum

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  2. How's it better than free iReport+JasperReport ?
  3. If a tool is better or not than other tool is something that the users decide. I will try to show some differences between iReport+Jasper and NextReports. - NextReports is intended for users who want to create their reports in an easier and faster way. This are not just words. You have to try it. - NextReports is easier to integrate in other applications (only few lines of code and a very small number of jar dependencies). Jasper integration is not as easy. Jasper files must be compiled before run and that means you need to have a java compiler. Next reports are xml files which are just interpreted at runtime. - NextReports has better support for parameters. In Next a parameter can have a type selection (single, multiple), a data source for parameters (besides user entered values, there is support for values taken from a database column, or from values taken from an sql query). NextReports has also chained parameters which allows that some parameters have their values dependent on the values selected from other parameters. - Query designer and query editor : In Next user can create reports using the designer and the sql query is automatically created (iReport designer is very limited). Queries can also be saved and runned to see the results. User can create reports from such queries. - NextReports has Stored procedure support - NextReports implements Html accessibility - Grid Layout versus pixel level layout : It's easier to use a grid layout (Next) instead a pixel-level layout (iReport). User adds rows or columns instead of dragging components to the layout. User will work with cells and cell properties. The time needed for working with a grid layout is much smaller. So if you need the above features , NextReports is the tool to choose. Difference between paid and open source is an old discussed issue. If you need something that an open source tool cannot accomplish you may want to pay for some other tool that has it. If not, you will use an open source tool. That's all. Take also in mind that documentation and support for Jasper is not free. For NextReports the documentation is free and we can respond to any questions you have on our forum. (stored procedures support and html accessibility were implemented as feature requests from users).
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    Hi; Please also take a look at Windward Reports Java Reporting System. With Windward you design the reports inside Microsoft Office so if you know Word, Excel, or PowerPoint you have no learning curve. Commercial product but the TCO is lower than the open source alternatives as it is so fast in designing & revising reports. thanks - dave
  5. RAQ Report is a free java reporting tool. It is a full-featured reporting tool: 1.Excel-like Interface, Easy to Learn 2.Import Excel, Precisely Export Excel 3.Original Data Input Method 4.Pure Html report, Only Need Browser 5.Unique Cross Tab and Any Type Report 6.Publish Reports to Excel/Word/PDF 7.Easily Integrate With J2EE Application 8.Supports Any Popular Data Source 9.Featured Preformatted Paper Printing 10.Totally Free for using and deployment 11.In Time Forum and Email Support You can download free RAQ Report at
  6. heres one of the best java reporting comparisons that could be useful to pick the best one: