Challenges of Monitoring, Tracing and Profiling your Application


News: Challenges of Monitoring, Tracing and Profiling your Application

  1. Cloud Computing presents unique opportunities to companies to reduce costs, outsource non-core functions and scale costs to match demand. However, the Cloud also presents a new level of complexity that makes ensuring application performance in the Cloud a unique challenge, in particular with the many different usage and deployment scenarios available. Perhaps the most popular present scenario uses the Cloud to perform certain tasks where additional computational power is unavailable in a local environment, e.g.: running large scale load-tests or processing large amounts of input data into something else. Another scenario which is becoming more attractive these days is to actually run applications in the Cloud Read more at Challenges of Monitoring, Tracing and Profiling your Applications runing in “The Cloud”
  2. What is up with TSS we have had 3 blog entries from dynaCopy in the few weeks and all sales and marketing fluff. This one goes even further (stoops to new lows for TSS) by inserting "cloud computing" randomly in the article that has nothing whatsoever specific to cloud computing other than using a grid. Grid != Cloud. If that was the case then I have been doing cloud computing for years. I find it pretty amazing that no one of my articles specific to cloud computing has appeared. A Unified Approach to Performance Management and Cost Management for Cloud Computing Cloud Modeling with Activity Based Costing ABC for Cloud Computing In Practice Cloud Computing - A Tale of Two Machines
  3. I will be giving a talk tomorrow (12th May, 18:30) night @ SkillsMatter in London on cloud monitoring. More information at the following link.
  4. William, If you will look closely you will see this is an intro to a another post that is a pure cloud related story: This shows how you can trace , monitor and profile your application on the cloud (trace as a services - TaaS :-)) using GigaSpaces cloud computing tools. Shay Hassidim Deputy CTO GigaSpaces