Background In the business of web input report, developers often need to design graphical interface for it. If they have to use popular SSH structure (strust + spring + hibernate), the workload will be huge. Moreover, if they want to make it universal, it will be more difficult. In this condition, I believe that programmers will miss those days in which client side programming was popular. For users' data input, programmers can make a web input report with graphical interface easily with tools like Powerbuilder (PB). Solution Now, you have a wonderful choice! RAQ Report is a professional web reporting tool, it has a powerful programming class libraries without code. As a result, users can solve common problems in web programming easily. Such as drop-down box, automatic computation, sequential number generation, validity check, etc. Moreover, common functions have been encapsulated in RAQ Report, and users can use them without writing programs. Such as export Excel/Wordfile, printing, page break, image upload, etc. With the real Excel-like design interface of RAQ Report, the alignment of controls is very convenient. You can see the design interface of RAQ Report shown below. Is it much better than those client-side design tools? Compared with open source control can be downloaded from Internet, RAQ Report has many advantages: 1. RAQ Report is a commercial product, so the quality and performance is better. While open source controls are only developed by programming enthusiast, so no one can guarantee its qualiti and performance. 2. The company RAQSOFT will maintain and update RAQ Report. But for open source controls, it is impossible to ask the makers to modify for you. If you want to modify them by yourself, the workload may be huge. 3. RAQ Report is designed and developed congruously, so you can develop a application project with it. However, if you use many open source controls in a project, the application may be very unstable. 4. RAQ Report has a graphical design interface, and it can increase the efficiency of web data maintain and input greatly. This post is from freezea's blog. You are welcomed cc it anywhere, and please indicate the source. If you would like to read more articles about reporting tool, you are also welcome to refer to my blog.