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    Introduction jclouds is an api for concurrent access to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services. Initially we support Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). In the future, we will support other amazon web services, as well other service providers. Any-weight jclouds pluggable core ships with with three engines: default, httpnio, and google app engine. jcloud-s3 also exposes three levels of apis: map, map-pro, and expert. Choose your complexity, choose your weight! Please have a try and let us know your thoughts, and where improvements can be made. We hope you enjoy jclouds! -Adrian Cole http://jclouds.tumblr.com/ http://code.google.com/p/jclouds/

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    I realize the goals of the two libraries/projects are probably quite different, but could you quickly describe how your S3 support compares to that of JetS3t Thanks, Matt The Software Grove
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    You're right, we have different motivations. jclouds is first and foremost a server-grade api. It was made for the infinispan datagrid and its design reflects that. Here are some of the big differences between jclouds and jets3t: jclouds architecture is pluggable and has no dependency on an http (or logging) api. As such, we can support GAE/J while jets3t cannot. If you have worked with S3, you may notice how slow it can be. jclouds designed this into the api. All core commands return cancellable Futures. jets3t is a synchronous api. One should note that the jclouds Map support allows you to keep jclouds out of your import statements. This is not possible in jets3t. The look and feel of the jclouds api is more modern then jets3t; we do things like using static-import builder methods to compose options. ex. to get an object starting at byte 5 using jclouds: client.getObject(bucket, key, startAt(5)) in jets3t client.getObject(bucket, key, null, null, null, null, 5, length) Let me know, if I didn't answer your questions. -Adrian adrian@jclouds.org
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    I worked on the S3 client library that was part of JBoss Cache 2.0 and higher. Adrian has written a superior library to mine and jets3t, while simultaneously being simpler.
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    Finally out there! Congrats!