JasperSoft announced that JasperForge (www.jasperforge.org) has reached full production capabilities and has been upgraded to incorporate Web 2.0 features that allow community members to extract, display, and share data that is specifically customized for them. New features include an Ajax-based look and feel with search; updated enhancement and bug tracker; wiki and blog improvements; Google Gadgets; RSS support throughout the site; and real-time Activity Monitoring, among others. In addition to a number of Jaspersoft-specific features and capabilities, the new JasperForge incorporates many of EssentiaESP’s latest updates announced in March 2009. Specific new features available in today’s JasperForge include: • Wiki and blog improvements. Enhanced formatting options allow projects and members to deliver richer content to the JasperForge community. • Ajax-based look and feel with search. The new user experience and enhanced search makes it easier to find and use project information. • Enhanced bug tracker. The Mantis tracker adds community voting to highlight popular requests and issues. • Google Gadgets. JasperForge members can extract information on their projects and present that activity on their personal iGoogle pages and anywhere else that Google gadgets are supported. • RSS support. It allows for multiple RSS feeds that provide real-time updates of custom information at a site and project level. • Activity Monitoring. This real-time monitor presents a routinely updated list of activities taking place on JasperForge. More information is available at http://www.jaspersoft.com and http://www.jasperforge.org.