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    Ripplet is a powerful,high available,flexible,collaborative load/stress test tool. It aims at providing an environment where users are able to do the tasks as follows :
    • illustrate test design and outline load description clearly
    • control realistic performance load efficiently, both on logic and data flow
    • diagnose performance spikes and bottlenecks easily
    • evaluate system capacity quickly and correctly
    • share achievements for developers or customers, not only reports but test plan for product environment stage evaluation
    Now 0.8.1 is released with such main changes and enhancements over previous 0.8 label:
    • a bundle of bugs were fixed in this version
    • HTTP recorder to build test plan via HTTP proxy based recorder
    • HTML reporting tool to get two types of HTML style test report for running test or historical test
    • regular expression extractor tool to help user retrive data from response easily and correctly
    • high availability enhancements : no matter what process on dataCenter, testClient, serverMonitor or userConsole is terminated by wrong operation or system shutdown, it's recoverable or resumable
    • data correctness improvements and no worry on different timezones or running status on all ripplet processes
    • scripting interfaces introduced to data collector tools and new type of data collector provided to gather performance metrics of sun JVM5.0 or higher
    • user can commit a part or period of test result and generate a HTML report for a part or period of running test

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    This is great Cheng! Checked out the change-log and those were some very useful additions. I'm downloading it now to give it a shot! Thanks for all the hard work on this. I really think this could be a great alternative to Jmeter.
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