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    1.1 What is iParadise? iParadise is a framework which has been developed 6 years ago, but it has different names, such as: Paradise RAD, AOJF, and now iParadise. From now all the distribution will be in name of “iParadise”, and it hosted in ChrisShayan.com . In following we talk a bit about the history of this framework and origination: • Paradise RAD: Approximately it was six years ago that there was a project which was a Foreign Ministry’s ERP. As tough deadlines that were in that project, they came to have more that 120 staffs. In our region hardly you can find that amount Java developers, hence I developed an idea to prepare a framework that it has all complexities of the projects and then developers could be novice. I shared my idea to Mr.Fattahi(Chief Technology Officer) and Mr.Ghaffaripour(my mate), then we design a framework and code generator and it due we hire people with less than usual knowledge, high performance, and fewer expenses as well. • After that project, it was another amazing and unregular project which was so called IFCP , it’s really huge ERP. It has an offline architecture and the roll out plan takes a year to run the project in whole country and it has more than thousand use cases; in a word that’s a real ERP. Then by contributing Mr.Farid we developed another framework which was called AOJF, that’s totally SOA-based. By respecting to all guys that helped me to develop iParadise, it is essential to mention that if the guys weren’t involved right now it wouldn’t be any “iParadise” and either Chris Shayan; as a continue of this document you’ll know it much more. 1.2 Why do we need iParadise? It’s not a need, in my idea it’s essential every project has something like iParadise or even better than it. But I think a lot to put some items that why you need iParadise, perhaps you never accept them. • Alleviate time of development • Alleviate expenses • No need to have various professionals • It’s Java EE • Layers and tiers are really transparent • It’s not not coarse-grained • Development has high level of enjoyment • Maintance is much easier than other ones • as a consequence it’s so sweet like honey :D The full document and the source codes are available in the following link: http://www.chrisshayan.com/my/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=168:iparadise-version-20-has-been-released&catid=40:download-iparadise-framework&Itemid=68

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    in my idea it’s essential every project has something like iParadise or even better than it. • It’s Java EE ... • as a consequence it’s so sweet like honey
    Some others may have different opinions on comparing Java EE and "sweet as honey", and "its essential every project has something like {this}". Heck I can think of many projects that definitely shouldn't have Java EE, which is not a criticism of "iParadise" but it is a criticism of your marketing.
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    @Andy I think you're totally right about this marketing pitch... the English is so bad I skipped directly to the comments! What is iParadise about again?
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    it facilitates the development and it is not depended to any web framework hence you can use it anywhere !!!
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    actually you are right, my english is not very good, so sorry for my writings.