I am pleased to announce the release of LogicalDOC CE 4.5 RC2. The 4.5 RC2 is an important release for LogicalDOC, as it includes major enhancements and some API changes. LogicalDOC is a Web-based application for managing documents (DMS) easy to use and learn. The most significant change is undoubtedly the introduction of the external authentication system. Thanks to the contribution of Mr. Sebastian Wenzky was made a plugin that allows to authenticate users in LogicalDOC via LDAP and Active Directory. Another interesting change was made to the discussion of the documents. Now there is a genuine Forum for debate on the single document that allows you to insert comments and start dynamic discussions. Versioning of documents has been enhanced. Now you can compare the various versions of a document and track changes also in the metadata. A mechanism to handle password expiration has been implemented. The file repository of the documents in LogicalDOC was changed. With this new solution, moving files between folders is now 10 times faster than before. LogicalDOC 4.5 RC2 has been tested with MySQL 5.1, PostgreSQL 8.3, and Oracle 10g Express Edition LogicalDOC uses the following core technologies: * Apache Lucene 2.4 * Hibernate * Spring * Apache CXF (Web-services JAX-WS) * ICEfaces (JSF-Ajax) For more information on this release see: https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=239244&release_id=680247 Alessandro Gasparini - Logical Objects LogicalDOC Home: http://www.logicaldoc.com LogicalDOC on SourceForge: http://logicaldoc.sf.net Availability LogicalDOC CE 4.5 RC2 is available for download in binary form on SourceForge. Logical Objects also sells an Enterprise Edition with professional support (LogicalDOC Enterprise) Thanks to a number of plugins adds features such as OCR on images, Auto Imports of documents from Remote Folders, Import/Export of documents, Archive Management, multi-platform Visual Installer and many more. Documentation On the SourceForge project site there is the User's Guide, the Installation Guide and the Developer Manual.