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    We have been using a web development toolkit for many of our client projects. We call it the WAA toolkit. In short, we are tired of writing the same algorithms over and over again. We believe that there is a better solution for web application development. Therefore we have put together a prototype toolkit to handle the database automatically, as well as, dynamically generate the required web forms to manage the database information from the created definitions. It should empower you with enough flexibility to create simple web applications at fractions of the average development manpower, cost and time. We have benefited significantly from this toolkit and we hope that you will too. The objective of this prototype toolkit is to make it really easy to create web applications by automating common web development tools and processes. In this model of approach, a web application should be defined and not build. You tell the system what are the information you want to manage and the system should automatically generate for you a solution with common algorithms to handle those information. To find out more about the WAA Toolkit, go here.

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    Finally a web application framework! And it's closed source with a 'you are on your own' licence! Didn't we all wait for this ....
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    Damn, someone else beat me to making a snarky comment ;-).
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    And the link is not working