Complete implementation of MS LINQ for Java released


News: Complete implementation of MS LINQ for Java released

  1. JaQue announces a complete implementation of MS LINQ core library for Java. JaQue uses ASM to build LINQ expression trees directly out of Java Byte Code, which in turn are used to build a query in domain specific technology or language, such as JPQL. Therefore JaQue does not require any language change and also works with any language compiling to Java Byte Code. The implementation was tested with Java and Scala. Differently from other implementations, JaQue does not aim to provide a DSL since this requires a domain knowledge from the developer. Instead it aims to solve the impedance mismatch across various data representations. With this approach the query is written according to programming language (Java/Scala) patterns and practices. Then it’s a responsibility of a specific provider to translate the result into its corresponding DSL representation. This way the developers can focus on writing application logic in the language they know, regardless what the underlying technology or language is in use for actual solution. In addition to querying in-memory object models, like Java List or XML DOM that is supported as part of a core library, a JPA provider is currently under development, which will provide capacities similar to those delivered by MS LINQ to Entities.

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  2. Why GPL? Maybe it's better to use LGPL for this project?
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    String[] names = new String[] { "james", "john", "john", "eddie"}.where(startsWith("j")).distinct();

    Character[] alphabet = new Character('A').to(new Character('Z'));

    Character[] numbers = new Character('1').to(new Character('9'));

    char[] combined = alphabet.join(numbers);



  4. Better alternative exists![ Go to top ]

    And jpropel-light is LGPL... So you can use it commercially.