Senior Software Engineer – Java, SQL, Python, Adobe Flex, Object-Oriented Programming Job Responsibilities The Sr. Software Developer will be responsible for the development of the WordStream suite of products. Development is done primarily using Python on the server, and with Adobe Flex or HTML/AJAX as a Rich Internet Application (RIA) frontend. Typical day-to-day activities include implementing new features in our products, which involve: * Development of processes to extract relevant data from input sources * Design of relational data storage models * Implementation of data processing algorithms * Development of AMF remoting methods, used for client/server connectivity * Development of graphical user interfaces Qualifications The candidate must have top-notch software development skills. Prior experience in Python or Adobe Flex is not a strict requirement, experience in related technologies will be accepted. Please note, only candidates with a bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering, or, a very substantial amount of related technical coursework and work experience in a related field will be considered. Prior experience working on web analytics applications, search engines, content management systems or other Web publishing systems is a plus. Required Skills: Structured Query Language (SQL), Object-Oriented Programming Bonus Skills: Python, Adobe Flex, SQLite, Open-Source software development, Git, Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), Postgres SQL, AJAX, HTML, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Type of Position: Full-time or Contract-to-hire Travel Required: None Location: Worldwide (telecommunication) Position Title: Sr. Software Developer Compensation and Benefits: Competitive salary based on experience. Employees will have an opportunity to participate in the company's stock option plan. How To Apply To apply for the Senior Software Engineer position, send a resume and cover letter to jobs at WordStream dot com. About WordStream WordStream is a venture-backed startup engaged in providing search engine marketing software solutions for search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC) and AdWords campaign management. Our patented, innovative software-as-a-service applications automate the manual, repetitive work involved in SEO, saving time and enabling customers to improve ROI on search marketing objectives in a consistent and repeatable manner. Our keyword management solutions and keyword search tools provide a scalable, private, online keyword workbench for keyword discovery, keyword research for Website keywords, keyword grouping and keyword organization, using Ad text tools, AdWords bid tools and a keyword discovery tool. Our product features a long tail keyword tool, an AdWords editor for your AdWords campaign management to better manage AdWords negative keywords, unique AdWords bid management software for help with AdWords bidding enhancement, as well as pay per click affiliate tools for pay per click campaign management. For more information, go to Wordstream - Keyword Management Solutions.