URGENinstallation of j2ee , weblogic or any application server?


EJB programming & troubleshooting: URGENinstallation of j2ee , weblogic or any application server?

  1. Dear Friends,
      Can any one suggest me the way to install an application server on windows98 or windows95?Is it necessary to have
    an server(ie windowsNT).Hope to get it fast.
      regards vicky
  2. Hi Vicky,
    Did you have any specific application server in mind? They range from freeware (low spec) to very expensive (and sophisticated) beasts!
  3.  Hi Anoton,
              Thanks for the prompt help,I wanted to install
     weblogic 5.0,j2ee1.2.1 (or any other application server
     which can prepare me for EJB).
  4. u can try weblogic 4.5 on 98 but it is better to install on nt/2000 to get good result for ur hard work.try weblogic 6.0 on nt/2000 it is easy to learn ejb than on 4.5
  5. Hi,

    ur choice of server is excellent.. i would suggest u to go for trial versions of weblogic 5

    As far as NT is concerned, life is easier there.. if u r linux freak, then u should try linux edition of weblogic 5 & 6.. 6 has seperate linux edition...

    u can run j2ee on win 98 also, but that is nothing compared to weblogic ( personal experience )

  6. Dear Kailash,
      At last I got the answer of my query ,so the 98 supports
     both weblogic 5.0 and j2ee.But now I am facing problem
     in installing it in j2ee,weblogic I have not tried yet,getting some problem regarding setting of j2ee_home not valid.
        Hope the solution for the same and thanks for helping me
     regards vicky