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    The open source project OpenESB has released a new version of GlassFish ESB. The aim of the OpenESB project is to create a platform for Business Integration, Enterprise Application Integration, and SOA. OpenESB is completely standards based and provides many options for interoperability with other systems. Through the use of the NetBeans IDE, it is the easiest-to-use open source integration middle ware platform available. The new version is v2.1. This new release makes it a lot easier to scale up installations of GlassFish ESB: clustering is now fully supported. The management of a cluster builds on the clustering support in the GlassFish application server. Based on the feedback from many organizations that have deployed GlassFish ESB v2 in production, v2.1 includes a great number of bug fixes and enhancement requests. New in GlassFish ESB v2.1 is a scheduler binding component that is based on the popular Quartz package. Also, the service engine for complex event processing (the IEP SE or Intelligent Event Processor) is now also part of the GlassFish ESB distribution. The installer of GlassFish ESB v2.1 includes the latest versions of NetBeans and GlassFish (6.5 and v2.1 respectively). Commercial support on GlassFish ESB is available from Sun Microsystems (Sun GlassFish Enterprise Service Bus). The new release of GlassFish ESB can be downloaded from the OpenESB downloads page. Frank Kieviet OpenESB Community Manager ( Senior Staff Engineer, SOA/BI, Sun Microsystems, Monrovia, CA Tel +1 626 471 6322 Blog:
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    I've been looking at Mule, ServiceMix and OpenESB. What I find getting in my way of using OpenESB is this reliance on NetBeans. Can I hand-craft a simple XML or some kind of DSL to describe the mediation/BPEL flow the runtime will then run with? Easy to do with Mule/ServiceMix but haven't found a way with OpenESB.
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    First of all, NetBeans has improved a lot over the past few releases, and 6.5.1 is a very usable IDE. In v2.1 it's possible to use the command line to put things together, but it's not easy. In the v3 release that's currently being developed, it will be a LOT easier. First of all, there you can use a DSL called IFL (Integration Flow Language) to put your application together. This is a single text file you can easily edit with any text editor. Secondly, Maven is used as a build system, and it is setup to initialize your project structure and build it. The result is that if you don't want to use an IDE for your applications, you can easily live without it. Check out the work on v3 at
  4. Congratualtions to the Glassfish team for delivering another great piece of work. I just hope Oracle actively maintains and retains all the Glassfish open source projects, including OpenSolaris, and MySQL when the Sun take over is completed. It would be a shame for such a great project lineup to have such a short life span in midstream of a surge of Glassfish adoption by developers in the open source community and corporate environments.