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    Hi !
    Thanks for the response. But I tried using the

    response.setHeader("Expires", "Tues, 01 Jan 1980 00:00:00 GMT");

    method. But still it does not getting from the bean's business method. Is there any way so that whenever the JSP page is reloaded (using Javascript method location.reload()), it executes the bean's method and populating instead of populating from the cache. It is urgent.


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  2. Redesign...[ Go to top ]

    I would lose the frames and redesign this using multiple SEQUENTIAL JSP files.

                        The MVC pattern might look like this:

                        Form1 (JSP or HTML) -> servlet -> JSP

                        The servlet handles the transaction, then forwards to the JSP which can handle the display of the parent-child thing. Or you
                        could simply do this:

                        HTML or JSP -> JSP

                        In this case the second JSP would have all the database update code in it as well as the code to control the parent-child
                        display. The MVC is preferred.

                        Frames introduce all kinds of complexity, and most importantly this is a multithreaded environment so it is possible for frames
                        to interfere with each other. By simplifying the design you will introduce a much greater degree of control over what is
                        happening and make it much more predictable. Plus Javascript is unreliable because people can simply turn it off, at least in