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    I want to use Netscape Directory Server as LDAP server and asked our system administrator to download it. However, he said there is no good enough documentation for Netscape Directory Server version 4.11 and version 4.1 has good documentation, but it is not available for Win. NT. Is there a big difference between 4.11 and 4.1? Can we use version 4.1's documentation as reference to download and install version 4.11. How good is this server?

    Other question is if Microsoft has such server that can be used as LDAP server with weblogic.


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    well microsoft's version of LDAP server is ADS - Active Directory Server which comes built-in with windows NT/2000 versions. there is no product as such.

    ADS is totally LDAP compliant and u can use the JNDI to interface with the ADS. u will have to download the appropriate JNDI service provider/driver for ADS. n i think it is available for download at java.sun.com/jndi

    at the same time microsoft also provides its own set COM API's (ADSI - active directory services interface) to access activer directory services.

    about netscape directory server, i my-self had installed one of those version on an NT machine. dont remember which one. i dont think there shud much difference between the two.

    hope this helps
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    I don't think there is much of a difference there. Plus you can download openLDAP from www.openldap.org. Netscape has SDK bundled with it's directory server which makes your life easier.
    Hope this helps you.
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    Thanks for you guys' replies.

    I have one more question about Netscape Directory Server. Hope you can help me.

    I have installed Netscape Directory Server in win. NT. I can add new entry and search entries from server gateway. However, I only can add new entries follow the default data structure. For example, o=some.com, ou=people, uid=zd. This is not what I want. How can I redesign data structure to fit my need? From gateway, I could not find a place to redesign or create it. Do I miss something?

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    Are you still using the Netscape LDAP server? How did that project go?