Java-monitor adds monitoring the Openfire XMPP servers


News: Java-monitor adds monitoring the Openfire XMPP servers

  1. Java-monitor is a centralised monitoring system for Java applications. Just as Google offers centralised mail services, we offer centralised monitoring services. Following Java-monitor's installation instructions you install a probe in the JVM of your application server. The probe serves to send statistics to Java-monitor. You can then view these statistics from your web browser or even from your iPhone or Android device. For Openfire, Java-monitor allows you to see client thread pool and database pool fill levels, as well as monitor packet counts. Java-monitor automatically send an email if your server goes off-line. If you'd like to see more of Java-monitor, check out the live demo. Jive Software's Openfire is a real time collaboration server, released under the GPL. It uses the only widely adopted open protocol for instant messaging, XMPP (also called Jabber). Java-monitor is a free, on-line monitoring tool for Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, SpringSource DM Server and many other JEE servers.
  2. Nice tool, but is there also a version available which does not send any data from the probe over the internet ? I do not want to have regular trafic from the production servers to the internet. As I quickly had a look at the tool, I was not abe to find such a solution. As long as there is no standalone version, I prefer to stay at a standalone product such as jopr which does not communicate to the internet. Georges
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    Dear Georges, Whether data sent across the Internet is an issue for you or not depends on your situation. You obviously prefer not to do so and that is fine, of course. Unfortunately all other tools require you to install and maintain a separate monitor server. Either that, or they do not send e-mail when the server goes down. :-) If you have the time and expertise to set up your own monitoring system, doing so is probably the best choice for you. For others, there is a trade-off to consider between time invested and possibility of their sleeping threads count being snooped. Java-monitor's selling point is its 5-minute setup time. I'd love to see a from-scratch Jopr/Hyperic/Nagios/Zabbix configuration beat that. :) Kees Jan