We are announcing the general availability of con:nect 1.1, the OSBL-based webclient for OpenMAPI-compatible groupware servers. Con:nect integrates comprehensive groupware functionality with a powerful workflow engine. Tasks assigned from workflows are synchronized into the groupware folders. The behaviour of groupware objects like appointments and contacts can be controlled by processes. For example, if a new appointments of type vacation is created, a vacation request is automatically generated and in effect, the superior gets a approval request. The combination of groupware with workflow bridges the gap between process driven and organizational collaboration. We have set up an online demo. Though con:nect will run on any system, supporting Java 6, binary packages are only available for ubuntu linux. Read the installation guide! Sources can be obtained from subversion. Functionality * Appointments with free/busy view, recurrence, exceptions to recurrency and invitation requests * E-Mail with search folders, processing rules (out of office reply) and a rich text editor * Contacts with picture * Tasks with assignment and workflow integration * Notes * Public folders * Administration ui for the mapi server * Configurable dashboard OpenMAPI OpenMAPI is a community project, initiated by Topalis, VIPcom and Wilken, that aims to open MAPI, the most widespread groupware standard. There are C#-bindings already available, Java-bindings are in the works, more language bindings will follow. The OpenMAPI proxy with pluggable protocols connects several alternative MAPI servers like MS Exchange, teamXchange and Zarafa with arbitrary MAPI clients like MS Outlook, con:nect, BlackBerry Enterprise Connector and the like. It translates between different on-the-wire protocolls and even adds functionality like caching or dynamic enrichment of MAPI objects. Conversations Conversations is a scalable open source MAPI store from VIPcom, that runs on Windows, as well as Linux and several Unices. As it implements MAPI by its very nature, it provides the complete functionality spectrum along all versions of MS Outlook. Kind Regards, Holger Engels (Wilken GmbH)