AutoPilot TransationsWorks allows users to optimize distributed, mission critical business applications by monitoring individual exchanges and messages that flow between application components. Using the process called "transaction stitching" the software automatically discovers the flow of your transactions, detects trends, pin-points failures, measures latency and proactively acts in case of a problem. TransactionWorks features: * Continual real-time view of business transaction health and performance * Discover applications and system components * Automatically map transaction flow across Java, J2EE, JMS, JDBC, middleware as well as your custom applications * Discovers transaction volume (total, failed, sla violations) * Tracks messages exchanged between applications * Measure transaction volume, latency and duration (total, maximum, average) * Measure and quantify failed transactions and SLAs * Correlate transactional data, operational data and non-IT business data from sources such as RSS or news feeds to show transaction flows in the context of your business. For more information please visit