One tool to rule them all - Reducing team division


News: One tool to rule them all - Reducing team division

  1. Recently I was reading an article that divided software development/testing people into four camps; Developers, Developer-Testers, Tester-Developers, and Testers. We are all familiar with two of these categories, Developers and Testers. In the traditional sense, Developers develop the code and pass it along to Testers who test it. So, what about the other two categories? To read the entire article visit:

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    Thank you for posting that link Holly. Dave has hit the nail right on the head. After some trials we found that LiquidTest was the only tool that allowed all team members to produce test scripts for use on the CI box. We are very impressed with how easy it was to build up a few hundred test scripts too. Again, thank you.
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    i have searched about "liquid test" ,but can't found nothing really useful.can you post its homepage..
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    I found it...:)