Adobe Flash technology is all over the Web nowadays. Many people make use of this and put their video to the Internet with flash video player. And I think many other people might want to do so as well. To make a web flv movie player for website, you can use [url=]Adobe Flash CS4[/url], which is a commercial software and a little expensive (nearly 1 thousand dollars). Further more, to make flv player highly customized using Adobe Flash CS4, users must have knowledge and experience on ActionScript, which is a computer programming language. So it will be a little complicated to newbies. >>>[url=]More information about ActionScript can be found here[/url] There is also other low cost way to make web flash video player without coding. This tool, called Moyea web player ( ), it is free. It can do this and make kinda easy to build a custom flash video player to show off the Flash Video (.FLV) movies. See the below video on Youtube, it shows how easy to make a custom web flv player for website: Posting this just for fun and sharing. Hope it helps:)