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  1. NextReports version 2.3 is available. NextReports can connect to popular databases like oracle, mysql, microsoft sql server, derby. But it also can be extended to connect to any database for which there is a jdbc driver. Reports created with NextReports can be exported in html, excel, pdf, rtf, csv and tsv. New features were added keeping the application usage simplicity. Report layout has now support for column sizing. By default the columns dimensions are auto created (to fit the text).Setting the manual size option will allow the user to change columns widths There is support for functions in footer band. In previous versions functions were allowed only inside group bands. Report layout cell has vertical alignment property. User can modify configuration properties from application. In previous versions the properties could be modified only by hand in the configuration file and the application had to be restarted. A template can be extracted and saved from the current report. For full release notes please take a look here. To learn more see the manual and follow the blog.
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    Hi; If you are looking for a reporting system, please also take a look at Windward Reports. With Windward you design reports in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and so creating & revising reports is very fast and easy. thanks - dave
  3. I like it first because the application is small (only 6MB the windows installer compare with ireport or birt for example) and the engine (the run-time part) is free according to the integration page ( and also very small (192 KB for 2.2 version) with a few dependencies (xstream and logging). The documentation is not complete, but it is clear enough. The integration guide is missing but an archive with an example project (source, dependencies and readme file) can be downloaded from the integration page. We are using this application to create fast tabular reports (the template support can be improved still we find it very useful) and also to export data from a database to excel and csv file. For more complex reports we use jasper. The release cycle was also a good reason for adoption (4 versions in 4 month). In the future I would like to see more features like conditional rendering, more built in functions or the possibility to add our custom functions (plugins ?) but keeping the user interface simple like now. In conclusion it’s not free, it doesn’t have a rich features set (images, charts) but it’s a good thing that it’s simple, small and easy to integrate in java application.
  4. We use Japser reports a lot, is this an alternative? Just wondering... Paul Casal Developer -
  5. NextReports is intended to be, as you say, an alternative to other reporting tools, not a competitor. It's first quality is the simplicity of creating reports. Some differences between NextReports and Jasper (iReport) can be found here in one of the reply messages. Anyway, the best is to try to use it. Videos and manual can be found on the NextReports site.