STAN 1.1 has just been released. Since 1.0, lots of "minor" features have found their way into STAN. Just to name a few: - Choose between Java 5 generic and raw signatures - Determine the order in which libraries are analyzed - Improved "Open Declaration" (F3) in STAN IDE - Copy to clipboard in Query/Violations/Dependencies View - In addition to class exclusions, inclusion patterns are supported - Show dependencies for multiple edge selections in Dependencies View - Parse annotations, indicate @Deprecated with an icon overlay - Introduce pollution, a number suitable to trace quality over time - Added treemap overview in Structure Explorer and Pollution View - Show excluded classes under a separate root in Structure Explorer - Re-include excluded classes from the Explorer's context menu "With STAN 1.1 we are also extending our license terms by adding a Community License option. What does that mean? Well, you may now download and use STAN without a license key! However, structure analysis will be limited to 100 classes. Any classes exceeding that limit will be automatically excluded from the anaylsis. That's the only restriction when using STAN under the terms of the community license option." About STAN STAN uniquely combines visual dependency analysis with metric-based quality monitoring. Its innovative features, ease of use and intuitiveness make STAN a major contribution to the market of software quality tools. STAN integrates perfectly into Eclipse, letting the developer analyze any bunch of code at hand with a single click. That way, STAN puts quality assurance to the heart of the development process, where it's mostly needed. STAN's metrics concept (with traffic light ratings) allows for meaningful ranking of metric violations as well as providing a "degree of pollution", serving as a quick indicator for an artifact's quality. STAN is available in two variants: 1. as an extension to the Eclipse IDE 2. as an application for Windows, Mac OS or Linux Please visit for further information and download instructions.