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    Hi, I am a JSF newbie and with the myriad number of choices for JSF Component Frameworks for building REA's, it is getting confusing. I would like to choose a framework which is non-proprietary, easy to use and well documented. Please let me know which of the following component frameworks is best suited - Apache Tomahawk , Apache Trinidad, IceFaces or any other framework. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Kiran

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    I am using JBoss package for a while, within 2 big projects. I am very glad with using Richfaces & Ajax4JSF and support of facelets & OpenFaces. Lots of flexibility is provided to handle all types of Ajax requests, also anti-matching mechanisms for event driven conflicts. I suggest strongly...
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    Thanks for the suggestion, Ceylan. Even I was considering of using RichFaces. One more question , is it possible to mix components form different frameworks in the same page , like component A of RichFaces and Component B of Trinidad. Regards Kiran