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    Hi, Is there any article or suggested reading about this issues: if you would have to start a new project today (a very scalable webapp plus additional SOA connectors) would you go for Java + Spring + Hibernate + Maven or to Groovy + Grails + Maven. I am also interested to know you opinion. Thank you. We have to consider that the pool of devs in this moment is high skilled only in Java & Java frameworks and have no background in scripting. Thank you ! Ionel.

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    I don't have any specific articles or sites to look at that will answer that definitively. The answer is probably almost always "it depends". Personally, I'd recommend Groovy/Grails, because there's a number of productivity benefits developers can realize taking advantage of loose typing when desired, but can fall back to 'standard' Java idioms if/when needed. Grails *is* Spring, just with the dynamic Groovy on top, and much of the XML stuff hidden.