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    Hello, I am working on a web-based application (JSP/EJB (Entity Beans)) hosted on WebLogic 9.2. Now the server is running on a separate machine which is member of a 'workgroup' (and not in the domain/network like other machines at work). This server has a dynamic IP. Oracle is being used at the database. Now when I try to access the application from another machine from a network then I can view the login page. I can even login in. But then if I click on any links inside of my application I am logged-out of my machine. I then debugged this and found out that some java classes are not being initialized and placed into the session object due to which my code is logging me out of the application. I am instantiating some java classes in the JSP through the 'useBean' tag. e.g. My code expects this object to be created and if not found throws the user out. There are no other errors or exception anywhere. Having said this, I access this machine in following two ways: http://server_host_name:7001/war_name and http://server_ip:7001/war_name This problem ONLY occurs if I access it through the host_name. If I use IP, the second option, then everything works fine (objects are created, links work fine etc.) What can be the issue? Is there some j_security_check mistake that I am making in WebLogic? Is it even a WebLogic problem at all? Also, when I access WebLogic admin console through the IP url it works fine but when I access it with the host name URL I am unable to login! No error is received. Just the login form will be shown. My structure of the application is: application.EAR (this is deployed and consists of the following) -war1.war -war2.war -war3.war -war4.war -ejb.jar -application.xml -manifest.mf Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. NOTE: cross posted at: http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5396444 http://www.coderanch.com/t/453138/BEA-Weblogic/useBean-not-creating-EJBs-JSP
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    It got even weirder. The hostname and IP URL both work fine in Firefox but the hostname URL doesn't still work in IE. As explain earlier, I cannot even login the WebLogic admin console. Please help. Thanks.