is a startup based in Estonia that produced an online analytics tool for software projects. It switches to freemium SaaS business model today. Programeter automatically imports critical project status information from various development tools and places it on a single dashboard for better comprehension. The service aims to be Google Analytics for software projects. New pricing follows freemium model allowing individual developers, freelancers, and smaller companies to enjoy's benefits for free. Model is similar to the one used by 37signals with monthly fees ranging from $24 up to $419 depending on the number of users and monitored projects. For larger software corporations Programeter offers enterprise edition with on-site installation and support. Along with pricing model changes Programeter team has "reinvented" the service to automate even more reporting tasks that burden software project members. While "old" version used only one source of data - history of the code development, the updated dashboard also adds information about planned and completed tasks, new and fixed bugs, time spent on different activities of the project. These are the information bits you use yourself to stay updated about current status of the project. So, there is no need to manually checkup completed tasks, new bugs or completed features anymore, as all the KPI information is available automatically and in a visually intuitive manner within minutes after signup