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    We have started a team blog for Sculptor. In the following weeks we will publish articles for you that are curious of learning how to improve productivity and produce better quality software. Sculptor is an open source productivity tool. You express your design intent in a textual DSL, from which Sculptor generates high quality Java code and configuration. The first Jump Start article illustrates how easy it is to get started. Within 15 minutes you can go from scratch to a running application, including build scripts, Eclipse projects, domain model, JPA persistence, services, Web Flow application and much more. Thereafter you can continue by evolving the design, add manual code and regenerate.
  2. Well maybe it's a really wonderfull tool... But i have to say that is yet another entity generation tool. It offer the same functionnality as many others. It's fine to use that sort of of tool for a prototype, a proof of concept... For a production ready software, you can't just declare your entity in your DSL, perform all business logic in JAVA and expect to have even average performance. For your GUI, being able to do a CRUD application is not really usefull. You'll need you own layout, GUI design and screens. For just editing DB data, install and use the SQL tool of your choice. Why not use MS Access then? Maybe it just fit your needs. Anyway if you need your software to rock on with complex DB model, for thousand of users or maybe on the web, this type of design will not help you at all. All theses tools are bounded to a specific technology, design choices ... But it's likely that you have many constraints, design choice that are different than the default one. Code generation is really interresting, but you'll allways have to make your own code generation tool... Or perfectly understand the framework of an existing one and change it to fit yours needs. Because you don't want JPA, but hibernate. You don't use spring, webflow or JSF but maybe Zk, struts, JavaFx or SmartGWT. Or you have already a framework for your GUI and what you need is something that generate the code for your framework. So one of the major claim : you are started in 15 minutes is false. For code generation to be really usefull, you first need to have your architecture, framework and all. Il must have be tested, you must be confident is will be fast and fit your need. Then you can configure it programatically, by using configuration file (XML...) or maybe by generating code. In all case, you will need a lot of time and will have to perform many tweaking and take time at a regular basis to correct bugs, improve it... change it to fit new need and all.