Ever faced endless hours of debugging trying to download the right Java dependencies for your project? Ever faced those java.lang.ClassNotFoundException exceptions in your server logs and then tried "hunting" for the right libraries that would have that missing Class? We have. And we are sure if you have been developing Java code since some time you must have too! And you would agree with us as to how frustrating it is to trying to search blogs and forums trying to figure out which exact jar is missing. ellipsis xray is "the only utility of its kind" available FREE on the web to help you quickly locate the right jar and solve these problems for you in a blink! All you have to do is provide the class file that you are looking for and the utility will tell you which jar this class file belongs to and from where to download it! It started as a small "moonlighting effort" at our development center and quickly turned into a main-line project as more and more developers in the team found it extremely useful for looking up and downloading required Java libraries for their RnD efforts. Go check it out: http://www.ellipsissolutions.com/xray.php