I've developed a new Spring Webflow 2 based project. It is a starter application which can be used as a starting point for any application using Oracle as a back-end. (The intention is to extend the project over time to include a SQL Server and postGresSQL database API in case those products are used.) It was developed with: * Oracle 10G XE (or higher) -> required * Java 1.6 * Tomcat 6.0.20 It features: * Login facility * User management facility * Reference data management facility * User registration facility * Reporting subsystem with sample report * Spring security integration * PLSQL API through which data operations are performed * Examples of dynamic forms * Examples of multiple forms on a single page * Examples of Spring DOJO integration * End-to-end security via Spring Security and Oracle role security Some work still needs to be done - comments, unit tests, jmeter scripts etc, but the application is functional and stable. So, if anyone is interested and can make use of it before these things are implemented then please feel free to use it. It is available for download from: https://springwebflowte.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/springwebflowte Please read the installation section of the readme.html file that is in the root directory for direction on how to get this set up. Please note that I've developed this in my spare as an exercise to help me learn Java. As a relative novice to the language I would appreciate any feedback which would help improve its quality and my competence as a coder. Cheers, Andrew.