PostalMethods, Snail-Mail Web Service, new java libraries


News: PostalMethods, Snail-Mail Web Service, new java libraries

  1. The new java code samples and libraries help developers integrate with PostalMethods quickly and efficiently. Java developers can now store templates, documents and images on the PostalMethods servers, to use and manage them via the Postal API. Users can send postal letters by using pre-uploaded HTML templates. Raw data is sent with every Web Service request which is then merged into the template on the PostalMethods side. The new jar and java samples can be found here: In brief: PostalMethods is a convenient web-to-post gateway which makes it easy for developers to automate the sending of postal mail from business applications. Developers enjoy a free and unlimited development account, high-level support code samples and libraries and extensive documentation. Oh, just one "tiny" limitation, the letters are not actually printed and delivered - they are only simulated. The simulation goes through the exact same processing flow and allows you to see what your letter will look like. Actual delivery requires purchasing a prepaid card in a pay-as-you-go model. Prepaid cards available from $10 to $10,000. See our pricing page for more details: More details are available on the Postal API section: and on our developers forums:

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    Hope it works out for them! Snail mail is certainly not increasing in volume, but there's still a need. Just like with paper checks and faxes. Fewer checks are being written, but they're still needed. As a result, the cost for processing each check or postal letter increases since we're losing economies of scale. Cheers, David - Java Job Scheduler. Workflow. File Transfer.
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