PrimeFaces UI 0.9.1 is released


News: PrimeFaces UI 0.9.1 is released

  1. PrimeFaces UI 0.9.1 is released (1 messages)

    Significant changes of this release are; * New component: Drag&Drop * New component: Media * New component: InputMask * New component: Dock * New component: OutputPanel * Reimplemented accordionPanel with jQuery * Pre and Post processors for pdf-excel data exporter The full changelog is available at: Next version 0.9.2 will focus on layout components and more.
  2. PrimeFaces UI is said to be compatible with RichFaces (so compatible with a4j as well). Then why is there an Ajax Framework in primefaces? It makes me think that the primefaces components can work with richfaces & a4j but not as good as with primefaces ajax framework (e.g. some features will not work). Am I right? When primefaces is used with richfaces, can richfaces skins be applied to primefaces components?