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    Hi All! Firstly, sorry for my english. At my previous company we didn't use any system to handle the internal development processes, because the management didn't have any aknowledge what ought, and we (2 developer) did our tasks as we wanted. I have changed my job, but I still help them improving this internal software. So, while I work for an international company I use JIRA (and similar tools) and I like it. So I would like to introduce a similar stuff to assist the working at this small company. I have started to implement this stuff based on my favourite features and I'm thinking the money what I get from them not so much, so if I will implement more feature I have to sell it. I know there are some free-to-use stuff, but these products have some antipathetic properties, what I very dislike. So, this stuff can: - add/modify/archivate tickets (include bulk changing) - handling attachements - the changes are versioned - svn integration (only client functionality) - statistics - handling of states and modules is dynamic - email notification - handling deadlines of modules and it needs only a tomcat and a jpa compatible database. Guys, what do you think, is there any reality to sell this product at this time for about 1 or 2 monthly salary? Thank you
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